If a Print is damaged what is it worth?

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Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:10 am

geezer wrote:
greenhorn1 wrote:
geezer wrote:If it was insured the Post Office will want it before they pay the claim. No one wins :hanging:
This is 100% not true. (as i found out about a month ago). They might collect the print sometimes but in some cases they definitely do NOT.
So, what your saying is, it's not 100% true but kinda true ?
No i'm saying it's 100% false because you stated it as a fact that they WILL want it back. While they might want it back sometimes they definitely do not want it back all the time and therefore your statement was 100% wrong. :D

No biggie, was just trying to stop the flow of misinformation since I was under the same impression (that I would not get to keep the print) before filing my claim.
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Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:37 am

itschris wrote:Hey guys, just wondering...I know A LOT of us have been victim of the Famous USPS Shipping ...say you buy a print and its mint from the seller, you receive it and its damaged from USPS ie creased, damaged etc...my question is this. What is the Value of the print now? Is it worthless since its creased and damaged? or still has some kind of value to it? I know it probably depends on how bad it is but I'm talking about just minor creasing to major creasing through the print from shipping (not beyond unrecognizable or just a minor ding)...

This all depends on why you are collecting art in the first place
A-to sell it
B- to collect it

If A Then its worth is obviously lower depending on the damage
If B then its worth is entirely in the eye of the beholder (this also depends on the totality of the damage)

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Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:31 pm

I'm a no-nothing noob, but it just seems like you guys are just trying to figure out how to split the score from scamming the post office. Full value damage was claimed when the print obviously still has value. Not saying this doesn't happen all the time ... just saying leave us out of it. :)

Seriously, the seller bought the insurance to cover himself ... as he would have owed you the refund either way ... so IMO he holds the cards on how to handle the claim recovery and what to do with the poster. Either way, neither of you "did anything", neither is out money, and he gave you options.
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