EB reaaaaally slow lately

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Wed Oct 02, 2019 4:15 pm

I'm curious if this happens to anybody else.

On my laptop, I will sign in to EB and then go to Quick Links and Your Posts, but then when I go into the thread I want to go in and click the last page of the thread there are all kinds of posts that are not showing up even though they are really there. In other words, the given thread under Your Posts will say who the last post was by but then that post won't actually show up when I go into that thread as s well as others prior to that very last one won't be showing up either. But they are there. Because if I go into EB on my phone I can see them. Just not on my computer. And if I click on post reply in the given thread I can scroll down and see the posts that are not showing up are actually there in the post reply scroll. They just won't show up when I get out of post reply and back into the thread itself. But then if I maneuver around a bit all of a sudden the missing posts will appear in the thread somehow. But then I can get back out of that thread and sign out and then sign back in and then the same latest posts will not show up in the thread all over again. It's really weird.

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