Pearl jam ames brothers octopus poster 1998 mansfield

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I was directed to this site by someone on the pearl jam website. I have valuable and rare Ames brothers poster from 1998. It has the octopus and the light house. Yes "'That One". This poster has never been hung and only unrolled maybe 2 or 3 times. It has no pin holes or creases and the color is vibrant. Frankly, I'm afraid to touch the damn thing, I have been told that this poster could be worth as much as 1000.00 dollars in new condition, which I believe it is. It is not signed or numbered as I purchased it at the show. I always had plans of having a music room but alas that is not going to happen. I am thinking of selling this poster as I am not a collector. The poster is real and not a fake or forgery. I was at the show as I have stated. I have in fact been to around 35 pearl jam shows since I first saw them at the Boston Garden in 1994. I have a couple of others but I am trying to find out what this poster may be worth in today's market. From looking at this site , it looks like one has sold within the last six months for 725.00. I was not able to determine the condition. I have been searching for the same poster to compare it to, but the only one I found was used with pin holes and creases. The seller was asking 340.00 for it. So, with all that being said I was hoping someone here could give me some direction as to the posters value. I know there is quite a bit of interest just from reading posts and various message boards. If anyone here can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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