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Tue Jun 21, 2022 1:17 pm

Please change the name for the one labeled "1st" to Teal, as well as add listings for the Brown and Green editions. I have uploaded the pictures for those 2, as well as one for the Pink edition, to the image gallery already. Also, while I don't know the count totals for the Brown and Green editions, the Teal ended up being a run of only 14 copies, while the Pink edition had a run of 20. Thanks!
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Wed Jun 22, 2022 2:37 pm

triporfreak wrote:
Mon Jun 20, 2022 3:45 pm ... 202/trades

kindly change last sale to 'private' ... 8294040636


P.S. i get an error when i click to show it 'as sold'
Thanks! I think your error message was from the link being too long, so feel free to use the name of the auction source rather than the exact link if this happens again

Set to here
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Wed Jun 22, 2022 10:45 pm

Thank you for letting me know that trick because I’ve been trying to upload prices for so many posters and I kept getting an error message now I’ll know how to avoid it!
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Thu Jun 23, 2022 3:05 pm

Run is 1500
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Sat Jun 25, 2022 12:11 pm
What is labeled as the Artist Edition here is actually the Band Online Variant and is a run of 60
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Sat Jun 25, 2022 1:12 pm

Reg edition size is 50
A/P edition size of 5
P/P edition size of 5 ... on-prints/
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Sat Jun 25, 2022 10:49 pm

Fairey Peace Tree 2007 ... 39/history

Latest sale recorded 2022-06-26 should be moved to the AP sale history. My mistake.
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Sun Jun 26, 2022 1:12 pm

I added a painting twice by accident, sorry. Could one of the mods remove this;

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