Banksy Interprets the Olympics

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Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:32 am

gorkie wrote:And what I wouldn't give to be given 60 seconds to run through this studio and grab (and keep) whatever I could get my hands on...
I'd pass. Looks like expensive rubbish to me.
Let's face it, Banksys' art isn't THAT great. He does have some great prints and clever execution with some of the street work, but there are plenty of artist that produce better pieces than Banksy.
Even in his 'genre' of art, there are far more superior art available for a fraction of the cost.
Speaking of cost, that's the only reason most 'like' Banksy. The secondary market, and the promise of the best flip you ever had!
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Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:06 pm

My guess is that most of the stuff that's just laying around in this room actually is just looked at as rubbish by him which is why it's all just thrown around and on the floor to begin with. I would still love some of his rubbish. I would actually be happy to go through his rubbish bag by bag in a trash canister.

Opinion on his work is obviously subjective. However, for me, there isn't a mind out there that compares to B's.

I think Dran's mind is almost as sharp actually. He also has one sick head. I love him.
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