String Cheese Incident - Telluride '99 Lithograph

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I am framing some of my posters and came across an old one, from Telluride '99. A late night concert with the String Cheese Incident, while they were touring with The Slip on Winter Carnival '99. This was a Mardis Gras show.

I was photographing the band and working as a loadie with them and traveling in the band van at the time. These posters sold out right when doors opened, and I haven't seen one since.

Poster is in excellent condition, given the fact it made it through the show with me. It was rolled but has been laid flat for years. There is a beer stain that happened at the show (looks like a stout, if you are wondering). Since it was rolled when it got wet, the stain appears 3 times, but will be completely hidden when framed as it does not touch the artwork, only the white border.

The print is 25 is an edition of 40. In your opinion, what would a print like this be valued at?
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