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Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:03 pm

peacedog wrote:Second time you've mentioned it, if you need to let out the forklift story I want you to know I'm here to lend an ear. So far our shipping track record is near perfect as far away as Australia, pretty pleased with our methods.
LOL, I see I did 4 years ago...forgot! Your packing method is great and it will work probably 99.8% of the time. No point in packing better since as you have noticed, it will not help enough to justify the extra cost since your damage rate is zero or close to it. We ship over 2000 packages a month, so over the years we have seen some extreme stuff. We have had damage because the fedex truck was in an accident. Here is a video example where even the best packing can fail although one of your boxes still might survive depending on where in the truck it was:

We mostly ship acrylic. Ever try to break that? It is rare but Fedex has broken it and we were guessing they stabbed the box with a forklift based on the pictures. We have had wood frames broken in two. Bubble and cardboard wont stop a force that strong. We have had them use a forklift with forks that are too short on one of our pallets and the forks broke through the top of the pallet and then stabbed into the frames stacked on the pallet. The big problem for us is the large packages because they do not fit on the conveyor belts in the transfer stations so they get more manually treatment (being thrown around).
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