San Francisco Local Consignment Help!

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Wed Nov 06, 2019 5:34 pm

Hey All, This will be a funny post I know but I am looking for someone local in San Francisco to help me sell ~15-20 posters. I am moving to NYC end of January and will be traveling almost every week until then. The posters have been in tubes for the past 2 years (shame on me, but no space in place) and here are just some of the following artists and prints (~$4000+):
Danger Toru
Pollock Vegas
Brianwash I still believe in love
Malleus Fairytale
Dave Hunter - Ibogaine
Guy Burwell - MMJ
Spusta MMJ, Antlorius, Sigur Ros

Send me a private message and we can take it from there.


BlakeAronson wrote:can i trade you groceries for horkey variants?
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