Convince me to buy a Roomba

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Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:03 pm

We love ours. Have hardwood floors and area rugs. It does great getting under most of the couches, beds, etc.... Nice not having to lift everything to let the wife vacuum under. Does get stuck if you leave junk around. To ensure a room is good I do close the door then, let it out, goes to next room, close the door, let it out. Do this while we clean the rest and saves us time. You do need to move cords or things that a regular vacuum would also ruin or vacuum up.
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Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:08 pm

TKuczynski wrote:We have a two bedroom apartment, all hardwood floors, and three cats. I was manually vacuuming all that hair almost daily which was a huge time sink. Since we got a robot vacuum home life has improved immensely.

Roombas are needlessly expensive. We got an iLife for a fraction of the cost and it does the job well. It doesn't have "learning" capability or A.I., it just goes at random which was good enough for us at 1000 sq ft. Runs for about 1.5 to 2 hours on a charge and usually finds and parks itself in the charger when done, sometimes it gets lost in the bedroom and runs out of battery, this doesn't bother me.

They will get drymounted up if you have lamp cords, chargers, etc. lying around. This has been kind of a good thing because having the vacuum has forced us just be tidier in general.

The biggest benefit of all has been its ability to clean under the bed and under the couch. We would absolutely never run it if we're not home due to hairballs.
All the above, especially the part about it forcing us to pick crap up so Dusty doesn’t eat it. He follows me around and constantly tries to kill me when he’s working while we’re home though.
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