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Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:09 am

student42 wrote:
timc wrote:There seems to be more and more flipper police around here :shock: :D Who cares they bought it want to sell it! Honestly being in Iraq not being able to buy and sell is driving me crazy! :pint:
Selling 20 minutes after a drop just seems disrespectful to me. At least wait until it ships or better yet until you have it in hand. You serve NO purpose and are basically taking money from people with a slower internet connection who will actually appreciate the piece. If they are going to do this, at least don't be an idiot and post that you live in BFE, Iowa or whatever. I guess as long as people are willing to pay the high prices then this behavior will continue; and nobody is forcing them to spend that kind of money on the bay. I am a noob. Eventually, I will probably become desensitized to this behavior like so many others here, but right now it still bugs me.
I completely agree! I also live in BFE, Iowa...
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