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Re: Phish Great Went Walking Fish Limestone 97 Pollock

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:54 am
by dmm8878
raffsta wrote:
Tue Sep 17, 2019 7:15 pm
#22 was originally mine. The reason the high quality scan circulates is because I made it to show to the buyer. I had to sell it at the time to pay for my dads funeral. I miss it...and my Dad.

I obtained the print from Jim inside a giant plywood block of cheese at the Went. Jim was set up inside printing them by hand right there and then and hanging them on a clothes line with clothespins to dry. He printed mine. Hung it up. It began to drizzle. He wrapped it in wax paper for me and put it in a manila envelope. I stored it flat for years before I had to sell it. At the time I sold it I got $5,500 for it. Wish I had the disposable income to get it back.
So sorry to hear about your loss and reason for selling. I actually acquired a fake #22 for like $20 bucks recently on eBay and threw it in a cheap frame from Michael's. I absolutely love seeing it on my wall everyday. I was also in that plywood block of cheese that Jim had set up at The Went in the very first hour that the concert grounds were open. He was printing the Robot posters and the first few were hanging to dry. He said to come back later when they would be totally dry, but I never circled back. I came to accept the fact that I will never be throwing down $5K on a Pollock, so I was very content to knowingly purchase a fake to remember that glorious weekend in Maine. It's like buying a Matisse poster from the Met Museum store : )