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Thu Nov 20, 2008 3:16 pm

This week, EB has started tracking the release date for prints. By track we mean someone set the date upon adding the art or edition. As a result we have created a few new features.

By "New Release" we mean an edition that came out on the current day or comes out in the future.

1. New releases are viewable on the EB home page and in greater volume on the new releases page. While the majority of prints are added after release, it might be helpful to community to know what is happening now.

2. There is a new Release Discussion forum which works like art comments but is per edition and primarily for the long winded discussion of releases so that the comments will be less bloated. When an edition is a "new release" there will be a link on the detail page to start a release discussion. Once a discussion has started, there will always be a link to view the release discussion. For future reference, this connection will be preserved.

3. The release date will be shown as part of the edition information.