Browser Referer Issue

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Sun Aug 14, 2005 10:24 am

We love FireFox and in fact most people that maintain Expresso Beans use FireFox. But we have encountered a problem where some folks have directly or indirectly turned off the sending of the referer information.

What is a referer?
In web terms, this the web address that has directed the browser to a given web page.
For example, if you hit this site from a Google search, then the referer might be Another example, is when you hit a web page that contains images, the refer for those images will be that very web page.

What do we use it for?
We use the referer for two things. First we use it to navigate the user experience. When you login, we will return you to the page you were at before the login, or when you add an item to a collection, we will return you to the page you were at. We know this because of the referer information.
Secondly, we use it to protect our images from remote linking. We only show images when the referer is on our site. This saves bandwidth and ultimately helps keep the site preforming well for everyone.

How to fix what is broken?
In Firefox..
1) enter "about:config" in the address bar and press enter.
2) double click on network.http.sendRefererHeader
3) change the value to 2 (which is the default)
4) double click on network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferer
5) change the value to true (which is the default)