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Changes to the Open Market

Posted: Thu May 02, 2013 11:34 am
by electrachrome
Expresso Beans is making some significant changes to the Open Market forum. In an effort to control rampant unwanted posting of comments in FS/Trade listings, we will be disabling the ability to reply to posts in the For Sale/Trade forum. The creator of the thread will be able to use the bump feature on the bottom of the posting to push it to the top, but no further posting in the thread will be permitted.
In addition, comment/discussion threads pertaining to any posts within the For Sale/Trade Forum or the Community Sales Threads Forum will NOT be permitted in other Forums within For now, the "Hookup Thread Discussion" will be permitted to continue.

A new sub-forum has been created to accommodate the existing group trading threads like the Hook-Up thread, Post your Scratch & Dents, and regional trading threads for our international members. Any new group trading threads proposed for this section will first need the approval of an EB Moderator.

We encourage all our members to use the collection trading tools and Match Maker as their primary method of conducting private transactions.
The volunteer team at EB will evaluate the effectiveness of these changes and alter them as needed over the next few months.

Re: Changes to the Open Market

Posted: Thu May 02, 2013 12:15 pm
by electrachrome
A quick question. Will the creator of the thread be able to edit the sale thread after 24 hours as prints sell or a need to reduce prices occurs, or do we need to make a new thread?
On FS threads, will the Edit feature be left open past the normal 24 hours or whatever it is now so we can update the items available and changes in price?
We had hoped there was a way to extend the post editing time for a particular forum. Alas, there is not. you can contact an EB team member to make edits to your thread.