FS: Aaron Horkey Prints - lots of them

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Sun Nov 19, 2023 5:45 pm

Hi all,
I'm selling the following, all prices plus shipping and fees. Happy to provide references if necessary. Most (all) of the post-2010 prints have the same low number and were bought directly from Aaron. All stored flat.

Black Osprey 507 (Brown Paper Edition) $40
Sunn O))) Boris Altar (Show Edition) Signed! $250
Andrew Bird 06 (Early Fall) $65
Andrew Bird 09 (Artist Edition) $65
Dianogah Helms Chicago $45
Melvins Oklahoma City (Blue Edition) $45
Converge Japan (Black Edition) $99
Genghis Tron (Artist Edition) $60
Grails (BRLSQ White Edition) $199
Grails (Band on Starch Rain Edition) $175
Init Fest Sioux Falls 2008 (Brown Edition) $75
Init Fest Sioux Falls 2009 (Artist Edition) $45
Isis Shades of the Swarm (West Kraft) Remarqued! $590
Isis Shades of the Swarm (West Artist Edition) $40
Isis Shades of the Swarm (East Artist Edition) $40
Flight of the Concords (Purple Edition) (S&D) $40
Isis Baroness Australia, NZ, JP Tour (Green Edition) $225
True Grit (Regular Edition) $275
La Planète Sauvage (Regular Edition) $125
La Planète Sauvage (Variant Edition) $175
Eater of Dust (Regular Edition) $100
Sigur Ros St. Paul $200
To Harrow a Naif $500
Graveyard MN 13 $250
LOTR: Two Towers (Variant Edition) $666
Remy Adrift (Osprey Edition) $150
Remy Adrift (Osprey Variant Edition) $175
The Gilded Age (Regular Edition) $175
The Gilded Age (Variant Edition) $175
Neurosis/Converge (Red Variant) $75
Inclusion $125
The Snare $100
The Halting Commons $200
A Vast Palimpsest $175
No More Noir $175
Venin $125
Collossus Aground (Sepia / Zashousa Edition) $320
Furthur Frames 7th Anniversary (Osprey Edition) $50
Flatstock 8 Austin $30
Spring (w/ Jay Ryan) $175
Nunavut (w/ Jay Ryan) $75
Ouroburos (w/ Jay Ryan) $99
Baroness Tour Print (w/ Baizley) (Double Signed!) $99
Baroness European Tour Print (w/ Baizley) $50
Baroness Red on Black Test Print (w/ Baizley) $175
Graveyard MN 15 (w/ Brandon Holt) $115
Decemberists (with Emek) $200
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