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by pvecchi
Thu Nov 03, 2005 9:15 am
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Topic: Collective Vision 95 Grey
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1tangent aka smartglass was the only one to ever have this print and he tried to sell it 5 or 6 times on ebay for $1200 before it sold for $700.... I really wish that expressobeans would not just blatantly copy an auction description as the only poster descriptor (especially since auction descriptio...
by pvecchi
Tue Nov 01, 2005 7:12 am
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Topic: Six Vipers 03 Everett
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purchased for $800 on ebay
by pvecchi
Mon Jun 28, 2004 1:00 am
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Topic: Biskup Death Lab
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Biskup Death Lab

This was originally $40 plus s/h and available from; not the $30 listed on the general tab