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by guryter
Fri Jan 25, 2008 7:08 pm
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Topic: Symbiosis 07 McCarthy
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This thing is a beaut in person.

I don't see a listing for A/P edition, out of 50. Is this the proper thread to post this in?
by guryter
Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:56 am
Forum: Art Discussion
Topic: Your top three favorite artist?
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by guryter
Wed Jan 16, 2008 11:57 pm
Forum: Art Comments
Topic: Spurned 08 Brabant
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Nice work Mark. Conjures up quite a few thoughts of youth and friendship. Cheers.
by guryter
Mon Jan 14, 2008 11:30 pm
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Topic: what is currently #1 on your ISO list?
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by guryter
Mon Jan 14, 2008 5:50 pm
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Topic: Built To Spill Seattle 07 Klausen
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Received in NY today, same issue with the craft paper not being wide enough, and some slight edge damage. Absolutely gorgeous, though.
by guryter
Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:31 pm
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Topic: Dr. Strange 08 Danger
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Stan Lee = Marvel.

Btw I picked up this print. Can't wait.
by guryter
Fri Nov 16, 2007 11:53 pm
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Topic: We Were Waiting 07 Danger
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by guryter
Sun Nov 04, 2007 4:01 pm
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Topic: Everything Loved 07 McCarthy
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evillittlegoat wrote:Still available from Dan's site? That's just wrong. Buy em up people, lets get it sold out before the new print hits.
That picture you posted......I'm now buying that print, even though I originally had no interest in it. Dan rules.
by guryter
Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:59 pm
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Topic: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe 07 McCarthy
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by guryter
Sun Oct 28, 2007 11:37 pm
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Topic: Nada Surf Chicago 07 Ryan
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Text says, "Oh fcuk it. I'm gonna have a party."

Looks good to me.
by guryter
Tue Aug 14, 2007 8:41 pm
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Topic: forsaken 07 McCarthy
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ryan_1969 wrote:it's Locke sabotaging another way off the island.
This deserves applause.