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Postby gman9381 on Fri Dec 16, 2016 11:32 pm

I'm really new to the world of Mondo print collecting so I am definitely a noob but am excited to get started. I became really interested in them after I noticed that one of my favorite games, The Last of Us, had some Mondo posters and it led down a rabbit trail of fascination and appreciation of the other beautiful artwork of Tong and Moss and the like. So, I was looking into the buy and sell section to try and start my collection since I don't have any prints right now, but just don't know how it all works or what I am looking at. I see that there is a trade and sales list, where it says some members have the posters for sale and it has some prices and says you can submit offers. But, then it has a section of wanted which also has prices and offers. I just would like to know what I am looking at or how I am supposed to go about submitting offers or buying prints. Please tell me if I need to post or learn more about prints before I can submit offers as well. Sorry for the long post and confusion, just trying to figure all this out. Thank you all.
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