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Postby Olecram82 on Wed Feb 03, 2016 5:55 pm


This commission is "Fit as a Fiddle and Ready for Love!"

We bring you the second in this unofficial UA "series" of: PRINTS YOU WILL BE ALLOWED (IF NOT OUT-RIGHT ENCOURAGED) TO HANG! For those with significant others who don't share the same passion for violent and gory movies!

This classic and timeless musical will get the screen print treatment it so rightly deserves. I presented this movie to Chris Thornley (Raid71) as an alternative to the much darker films he tackles and he was enthralled by the idea of it! As we exchanged e-mails, he was already thinking up concepts! Just the other day he supplied me with an awesome rough concept for this project. Here's what he said:

"Hi Marcelo,
here is my idea for the poster.
Want to make the whole poster feel like a film set. the most famous song as the main focal point.
Off to the wings and above the set will be little hints at all the other films from the movie.
things in the wings:
The Royal Rascal poster or sign
The Duelling Cavalier
Film crews
Director chairs with ref to star or films
Let me know what you think?"

Singin' in the Rain is a movie about movies. Movie history, actors, directors, studios, etc...Chris's concept takes this into account and also includes the iconic scene in the film, with room for other references. The very rough sketch is attached in the post.

I started a couple of polls and was able to garner interest in this project. Now I'm opening this commission up to everyone so we can fill it up and get this started! We are looking to do a 24x36 screen print in the $60 range with the specifics to be decided as we go along, and with possible group input.

Join Here!:

Very Rough Sketch/Concept

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