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Postby earlgreytoast on Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:08 pm

howdyall wrote:Allright to sell games in this thread? I've got a steam account I haven't used in months...

I'd say no, maybe start a different thread for that? Of course, when I started this thread, I didn't even think about DL codes and that's mostly what this thread is now anyway, so who cares. :D

I've got a Force Awakens and a Finding Dory for $5 apiece.
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Codeblue wrote:This thread is boring. I'm going to go jerk off.


Postby howdyall on Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:46 pm

Ok, might as well:

I've got a steam account that I don't use anymore, and with the purchase of the account comes a lightly used x-box 360 style controller, as well as a Microsoft control receiver. Pretty straightforward setup. As far as the steam account goes, once I sell it, I put it in your name and give you login info for it, you change the info however you like. I've never played any MMORPG games, never run any hacks, just straight solo game play, so there will be no issue whatsoever with getting going on the account - never any bans or complaints, as I never played online with anyone.

Account says 46 games, but that's not true - there are a bunch of add-ons for Fallout New Vegas (4), and Batman: Arkham Origins (5). Also, Fallout 4 comes with Season Pass (and would cost $110 together through Steam on a non-sale day).

$200 OBO, in the U.S. This is a steal, as just a few games and the hardware would cost that.

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Postby jbofctu on Sat Mar 11, 2017 3:34 am

Selling a bunch of sealed bluray collections

Dexter Complete - 60
Sopranos Complete - 95
True Blood Complete - 95
Boardwalk Complete -75
Breaking Bad Comoplete -70
XFiles Complete - 105
TZone Complete - 60
Roddenbury Vault - 30
Star trek 50th - 80
GOT Season 4 - 20
GOT 1 box set collectors - 15
GOT 1 steelbook magnet - 30
GOT 3 steelbook magnet - 30
GOT 4 steelbook magnet - 30

All sealed. Shipping will depend on weight.
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