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Postby IWish on Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:31 pm

:D Hey all!

Is anyone good at puzzles? The composition notebook that Elliot used as his journal has been published...inside are inserts with codes to decipher, etc.

One of the inserts is a page from Leo Tolstoy's book 'Resurrection'; which we see Mr. Robot reading in the show.

The assumption is the tictactoe grids are in some way a decipherable code leading to letters or words contained in the two Tolstoy book pages.

Here is the image of the two pages from the book. Pages 461-462. (The other inserted puzzles have been solved, but not the tictactoe puzzle.)

Just to provide more info-here are images of the notebook with inserts.
Front image of book and inserts.
Back image of book and inserts.

If you're good at such things and like puzzles - you might want to give it a look. I've looked at it and can't seem to find any sort of logical sequence to find words/letters using info in the grids. Again, it's an assumption that what is contained in the grids leads to deciphering a message from the Tolstoy book pages. Seems a logical assumption since the grids are written on the pages.

As a rule, these gimmicks outside of the show usually don't provide info that will make or break the show...just provides some background info usually. I keep trying to figure it out when I have time - thought someone here might like puzzles and the show and is willing to give it a try.
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Postby fallstaff on Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:56 pm

It seems I'm always running behind and catching up on great TV, generally due to waiting on the DVD release at our local video [sic] store, surviving now unfortunately on life support.

I was really drawn into this series and especially Elliot who I quickly likened to the hacker Case in William Gibson's Neuromancer. Each character, tormented by psychic pain, has an astonishing mastery of a virtual codified space and operate in the "bodiless exultation of cyberspace" seeking that illusive permanent adrenaline high. For Case however he jacks his disembodied consciousness into the matrix but, in either case, both Case and Elliot undertake the programmatic expression of their wills against monolithic trans-national corporations.

Another striking issue was highlighted by Angela's desperate pursuit of the circumstances behind E-Corp's coverup of intentional toxic contamination that killed her mother and others. She is obsessed to know the details and thinking behind someone who could execute the decision to contaminate a town knowing the predictable consequences of their actions.

Angela learns the chilling conclusions which are the conclusions of Hannah Arrendt in Eichmann in Jerusalem in which Arrendt covers the 1961 trial of Nazi collaborator Adolf Eichmann. She describes a new type of criminal who are "neither perverted nor sadistic, that they were, and still are, terribly and terrifyingly normal." More often than not they are functionaries devoted to family working in bureaucracies who, in voluntary compliance, thoughtlessness and a remoteness from reality, exhibit a "banality of evil."

Of course It is a society that echoes our own in which all the hallmarks of an emergent US-style Fascism are in place. Seems nothing will ever be learned from history but lets hope Arrendt's "new criminal" in society at large wakes the drymount up otherwise we're all doomed.
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