Got a good documentary to recommend???

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Postby RadRacing on Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:24 pm

Minding the Gap is worth a watch.
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Postby jmagee87 on Tue Dec 11, 2018 3:22 pm

Really gotten into climbing docs lately.

Free Solo, Meru, and The Dawn Wall are all excellent
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Postby sixstringer on Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:20 pm

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Postby mtarail on Tue Jan 15, 2019 11:45 pm

Unseen is streaming on Amazon prime.
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Postby Cbjornson on Wed Jan 16, 2019 12:55 pm

Fyre Fraud on Hulu is great.
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Postby Philpenn on Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:25 am

^^ Agreed, as is the Netflix one. Would suggest the Hulu one first as the Netflix one was made by the people the Hulu one shows were like 4th, or 5th most responsible.
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Postby jlabbate on Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:44 am

Cbjornson wrote:Fyre Fraud on Hulu is great.

agreed watched this on Monday

also watched "Life Itself" on Hulu about Roger Ebert..Fascinating
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Postby ZoSoTim on Tue Feb 19, 2019 6:53 pm

Abducted In Plain Sight
The Bill Murray Stories

Both are on Netflix.
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Postby doppelgangbanger on Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:39 am

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