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Postby nutter97 on Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:30 pm

lemme start by saying i've been framing my own stuff for a while now, probably close to 20-30 pieces framed thus far. Just standard- single and double mat pieces, nothing crazy. But I have a piece that needs to float. I've never done it before and I'm nervous as hell about it.

The artwork has the deckled edge, it's a rare piece so archival quality is a must. I researched it and wanted to do the ol' acid free linen hinge tape of the back of the artwork, and then mount to a mat board, then pack into a frame with mat-spacers-foam board. similar to this:


so I was all set to do my first float mount, I pull the artwork out of my portfolio and run into a problem..... the artwork isn't laying flat. it's been stored flat in a safe environment for 4!!! anyways, if I were to move forward with my original plan, i think it will screw it up and possibly damaged the piece......

pick of artwork: Image

what are my options? acid free archival materials are a must. no tape or glue BS
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