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Share your pictures of framed art and discuss framing.

Postby 35mmpaul on Thu Apr 28, 2016 3:55 pm

woah. some solid stuff on this page.
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Postby statik on Fri Jun 03, 2016 12:44 pm

Guess I'll start the sharing on the new page...

New frame up by the amazing Framing Devil. This is actually my better half's grail that was long overdue to be turned over to The Devil's hands. I'll have more photos when we get it home after picking it up and my Robin Hood OG.

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Postby DuoSonic on Sat Jun 04, 2016 7:27 am

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Postby dlazarow on Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:24 pm

quiet thread lately..
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Postby jjttdw on Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:04 pm

That Batman frame job was unreal.
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Postby bulkhead72 on Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:13 am

I'll take, "Things I never thought jjttdw would say for $200, please."
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Postby michaelmillichamp on Fri Mar 24, 2017 7:58 pm

Going to pick this bad boy up Monday! Can't drymounting wait. More detailed pics to come.

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