Liquidation Sale at Framing Studio Long Island, NY

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Postby halokiti on Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:49 pm

I'm reluctant to put this here but they have enough stuff to frame a lot of people's stuff. Walking into the shop just made me :shock:

A framing shop nearby is having a liquidation sale since they have to vacate their space at the end of the month. Everything is up for sale, like everything. Most of the flat files have been sold already. A lot of frames, frame parts, mats, machines to cut stuff, everything you would need to frame stuff, paint, art supplies, prints, assorted furniture, etc. Really good prices, everything negotiable (the lady said she sold some flat files for $25 to give you an idea of how cheap things are).

Cameo Gallery 5 Burns Avenue, Hicksville, NY. They said they will be opened again next Saturday (4/23) for the sale. The shop is down the street from the Hicksville train station for those with no car. ... w-window=1

Everything in the photos and more have to be gone. There is so much stuff, so much.


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