ISO: HELP, still looking for select Cuyler Smith cards

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Postby GCEASY on Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:53 pm

Once again, turning to the Forum to help me narrow down my search.
Looking for the following Cuyler Smith cards :drool:

1. Dottie Hinson
2. The Hanson Brothers
3. Billy Hoyle
4. Ray Finkle
5. Reggie Dunlop
6. Shooter McGavin
7. Sidney Deane
8. George Costanza
9. Jimmy Dugan

Don't have anything to trade for, but will have cash to offer (paypal). Must ship to Canada.
If you have any of the above, or know someone on here that does... please PM me, or reply back on here.
Got my fingers crossed.
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