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Postby BackToTheFutureFan on Mon May 07, 2018 12:06 pm

wottagunn wrote:Roof done!

Lookin good!

spunkmonkey wrote:Nice! Where in Seattle are you located?

Thanks! I say Seattle because it's easy. I am just north in Everett. The market up here isn't quite as bad as King County.

Cabinets and fixtures in.
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Postby guryter on Tue May 08, 2018 11:56 am

Had two basement water leaks last week, one after the other. Wednesday after turning on the backyard spigot had water pouring out of the siding, cracked spigot line from not winterizing. Here's your spring reminder to winterize your outside lines.

Second leak discovered Thursday morning. Went down to check on the drying process and there's my hot water heater expansion tank pissing water 12 feet across the room. Turns out the diaphragm inside failed, pressure built, weak spot found. If it wasn't for me checking on prior leak, might not have discovered for a day or two.

Positive note: Looking to replace 24x28 backyard deck soon. Any feedback on composite decking? Not into the idea of sealing wood every few years. TIA.
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Stingers wrote:If you can't get it up eat less fudge, excersise and stop being a kitten.

john38103 wrote:All gin every thing. drymount all you hoes.

Relax, I honestly don't give a fudge.


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