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Postby sunsetbrew on Sun Jul 30, 2006 3:42 pm

The previous subscription feature has been integrated into the "In Search Of" feature. To create a subscription, add the art to your ISO list and select the notify option.


1. Notifications can now be made down to the exact printing.
2. Improved and simpler interface.

Email Changes

All notification emails will be combined and sent out as daily updates.

1. There will be one email containing all new eBay listings
2. There will be one email containing all new EB listings
3. If nothing changes, there will not be any email sent.

This should reduce the amount of emails people get from us. Further, there will not be any need to visit a listing to reactivate the notification.

Migration Issues

We had to migrate subscription data into the ISO listings. The subscription data did not specify which printing before. So for each past subscription...

If the user had one or more printings in the ISO list, it's notify option was turned on.

If the user did not have any printings specified in the ISO list, a new ISO item has been created for the user using the 1st printing and it's notify option was turned on. There were almost 7,000 of these.
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