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Postby mobius006 on Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:01 pm

ErocAfellar wrote:alittle or myself are not trolling. Many people, in many threads have offered technical and financial support. What other help and support do you want? Just smile and nod?

Nobody is expecting you to release the 2017 EB Business Plan, but I'm sure a few are curious at what stage the process is in.

I'd be happy to link you up with a few developers I've used in the past. Despite the mishmash of tech this site is built on, it's not too complicated and I'm sure the project could be scoped in a day or two, if you have your business objectives put together.

Do you really think it is out of the question for your "customers" to be curious about the status of your "BUSINESS" (not a "regular business") when they spend hours a day interacting with it, making financial donations to support it, adding data to grow it? Especially when the site often goes through periods of lack of functionality? The admins are the ones who posted 2 threads about this issue 5/6 months ago without any further updates; I really don't think asking for an update should put you so much on the defensive...

Made enough cash from this site. A gofundme or something that I know goes to fixing it is a no brainer.
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