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Postby mrkyuss on Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:13 am

Hi, doing a wall refresh/clearout. The majority are framed, so I would prefer an Australian buyer. Given the fact that this may be harder to find Im willing to unframe and send overseas. Discounts for bulk purchases, majority priced at cost.

Miss Bugs

Lights Out- Original Mixed Media - $5k
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/169465

Elements of Everyone- Pink AP- $750
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/146831

Egon Said it Best- Pink- $450
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/201162

Egon Said it Best- Aqua- $450
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/209105

Once We Dreamt- Green Hair (friends and Family edition)- $1200
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/221839

Pencil Study 2- Original Mixed Media - $1500
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/240984

We Ate The Last Hope- Red sea edition- $900
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/230555

Hotdogs and Guns- Orange Body Edition- $1700 (framing cost over 1k on this one)
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/225773


Couples Therapy- $750
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/230195


Acedia- Large Edition- $1600 (Framing cost over 1k for this)
http:// Expressobeans/public/detail.php/161799

Foundation- $300
. Expressobeans/public/detail.php/217738

Hypostasis- $300
http:// Expressobeans/public/detail.php/198671

Dal East

Laten Photon 1 litho- $1k
http:// Expressobeans/public/detail.php/208097


Duality- standard edition- 560 USD- including shipping and insurance
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