FA: 27 art prints and 30 1960s concert posters

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Postby emovieposter on Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:13 pm

eMoviePoster.com, has 499 "special" rolled posters (unusual U.S. and non-U.S. posters, movie and non-movie!) AND 500 rolled one-sheets closing Thursday, October 4th at http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/sort/4/14.html

This is where we auction signed limited edition prints, concert, war, travel, as well as many other categories of posters. There are so many unusual types of posters that we HIGHLY recommend that all of you make an effort to look at all of these posters in our gallery format at the above link (and you are sure to enjoy doing so, even if you end up not buying any, and solely "window shop")!

Of special interest to ExpressoBeans, there are 27 art prints including some vintage ones at http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/tag/xtype%253Aart%2520print/14.html
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Also of special interest in this auction are the music and concert posters including 30 from the 1960s at http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/ta ... er/14.html
Image Image Image Image

There's FAR more awesome posters in this auction too, so in you collect more than "just" art prints, you should browse our entire selection of 999 posters ending Thursday, October 4th at http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/sort/4/14.html

Remember you need to be registered to bid at https://auctions.emovieposter.com/Registration.taf, and there's a pre-approval process, so be sure to register ASAP or you might miss out on bidding on these incredible posters!
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