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Postby featusfryer on Fri Sep 28, 2018 5:42 pm

Hello everyone! Yet another collector here.. struggling artist too, so aren’t I a unique one...I did this Black Friday last year with some prints, and it actually prevented me from getting evicted from the evil apartment I’m stuck in... It worked! You guys saved my arse, and was just so hoping you folks might be able to save my arse yet again...October time...... Below are things I selected in good condition.. I have pics and will upload an image gallery from my cell somehow but the server here isn’t being very friendly with these photos....I’m in the mountains on errands, but if you’d like me to message you pics before I put the gallery up just shoot me a message....already snapped shots...here’s the jist though:

*Shipped is to the US but I’m always down to figure out difference should you live farther away... if it breaks the $15-20 range that’s when unfortunately I gotta ask for a little more..

Sucklord - Miss Thing - not really touched even... tried to keep it in the best care. It was made by Sucklord though, so beside the scotch tape he uses to hold his figures together, (lol) and the fact that it’s him making those cardboard blisters, it looks just like it did when he sent it... made by Sucklord ;)

$170 Shipped

Also for $170 shipped I have his Jerk of Art Figure...(later period for sure but very hard to find) If you’re interested in both, I could knock em down a little to $300 shipped for the set...


Michael Lau’s Gardener 038 - Young Miss - I got this in LA actually during his Gardener anniversary thing some years back... I also have the book still sealed if you’re interested in adding it on for a bit, but this came off the back wall of Gardeners you weren’t -supposed- to have access to, but us nosy first-in-liners got a chance to pick one out from the entire lineup due to
an employee to employee from artist confusion... had to think fast for sure..! Box has aging (as it did when I got it...) but figures fine by all minty measures... has the original labeled bag too..

$130 shipped


Sam Flores - Kid Dragon I have the OG colorway and Purple. Both have never been displayed, never taken out of their boxes... Purple is just fine but unfortunately the top of the og box got a little wavy. That didn’t reeeeallly effect the box at other angles though.... the figure is still pristine... this is why I need to upload these pics damnit... time killed me on this one though..

$150 - Orange Shipped

$200 - Purple Shipped

$300 for both

The Aforementioned Print!

Jeff Soto’s Tiny Showcase print from 09 - Self Destructive I believe it’s called.... #277/300. I’ll tackle with the lowest on here and go $40 shipped but if you add this to something else, toss it on for $25...


Dunnys... oh man... I got a lot of these... they were indeed taken from their boxes and displayed in a closed glass case but have since been returned to there boxes for over a year now... I want to say mint or near mint on every one but will indeed be sending you pics before anything goes 100...

Up for grabs currently:

Space Invader 8” GID - $90 Shipped

Tree Hugger AWOL edition - $125 shipped

I have more but I’ll keep it slim for the now....


Last But Not Least!!!! I happen to own the Kidrobot Krink mailbox #50.. I have the box too which is fine, just missing one of the foam packaging slabs cause I was too excited upon buying the thing and it snapped a bit and I just tossed it out... Ive always tried to look at other pics of these too cause mine’s always had this little slit in the leg and idk if that was from USPS, Kidrobot or part of the product design, since its supposed to look damaged all over..... A special piece for sure so I’m asking $280 shipped... the box... the mailbox.. foam insert #1... all there :) Knocked off a tad for that leg issue... For the record this thing hasn’t been displayed actually.... always kept it in the box after getting it day 1....

If this isn’t worth anyone’s collection at the moment, I’ll have to dip in again with something else, but that should be the stuff that keeps me living for now hopefully.... please message me for any further questions...!

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