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Postby murdock on Fri May 25, 2018 5:14 am

Prices + shipping. Happy to talk package deals.

Aaron Horkey / Pushead - Hyperstoic Set $200
Aaron Horkey - Grails (Band on Starch Variant) $175
Aaron Horkey - Remy Drift Reg+Variant Set $200
Aaron Horkey - The VVitch (Variant) $200
Aaron Horkey / Jay Ryan - Ouroburos $160
Aaron Horkey & Brandon Holt & Mike Sutfin - Mario's Fever Dream $100
Andy Kehoe - Face in the Deepness Resin OG $1750
Annie Owens - Fishbowl $50
Aron Wiesenfeld - Vigil $400
Boris Pelzer - The Prestige Set $250
Emek - Black Keys Portland $125
Florian Bertmer - The Vault of Horror (Regular + b/w Editions) $175
Florian Bertmer - Howling Wolf Orange (Artist Edition) $90
Florian Bertmer - Rasputin (Artist Edition) $125
Marco Mazzoni - The Songwriter (framed OG) $800
Marco Mazzoni - The Exquisite Braggart (framed OG) $4100
Jeff Soto - Pearl Jam Arras France $50
Jeff Soto - Pearl Jam NYC $100
Jeff Soto - Inland Empire $50
Jeremy Geddes - Fortress $825
John Baizley / Aaron Horkey - Andrew Bird Jane Doe Magpie Lady Phantom Limb Test Print $240
John Baizley - Persephone KAUBQ Variant $225
John Baizley - Baroness Red on Black Test Print $290
Joao Ruas - True Detective Set $400
Lindsey Carr - White Heron $75
Nicolas Delort - Universal Monsters Variant Set $350
Nimit Malavia - Daredevil Set $250
Martin Wittfooth - The Aviary AP $250
Methane Studios - Dave Matthews Band Berlin $90
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Postby mfaith on Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:09 pm

Friday bump
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