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Postby DonPiano on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:42 pm

Ok. I want money. I have prints. You want to buy them (I hope). I want to sell them. That's really about it.

Get at me with prices if what I've got below isn't tickling your fancy. Would rather not drag these to the Bay if I can avoid it.

Ascent - Jeremy Geddes - $550
Gremlins - Ken Taylor - $260
Snow Princess - Matt Dye - $100
Alice in Wonderland - Ken Taylor - $280
Moby Dick - Ken Taylor - $150
Ascension - Ken Taylor - $300
Catwoman (Regular) - Ken Taylor - $60
Wizard of Oz (Variant) - Kevin Tong - $140
The War of the Worlds (Regular) - Tom Whalen - $100
Amelie (Regular) - Ise Ananphada - $120
Annie Hall - Anne Benjamin - $150
Boogie Nights - Rockin Jelly Bean - $550
Captain America: Civil War (Regular) - Tyler Stout - $250
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - Victo Ngai - $180
Jurassic Park (Dilophosaurus Variant) vinyl - JC Richard - $280

I also have a handful of Mike Mitchell Supers as well if anyone is keen. No idea what the going rate is, so throw it at me if you want.

If all of those don't get you excited, then, well, I'm sorry. There's only so much I can do. However, feel free to have a look at my collection and throw me an offer for anything in there. There are a few that are framed and can't go anywhere, and there's a bunch of gig posters that I don't think anybody would be interested in, so if you want some nice coloured paper for your kids bedroom or something, then throw me an offer for that.
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