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Postby comountaingolf on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:45 pm

Hope all is well with everyone rolling into another year of Trump, taxes and sunshine :lol: Just looking to move some prints and paper if anyone's interested in talking shop. Still seem to be some issues with posting images, so I've included a link below to my public collection you can search & sort 'til your dizzy. Honestly open to fair offers and not looking to break any sales records, so take a look at my collection below and shoot me a PM if you're interested: ... p?id=15311

*** payment plans are also a possibility so keep that in mind ***

Couple of items that seem of interest...

1. Shepard Fairey Jaws Wave

2. Horkey/Pushead Patchwerk III (Personalized)

3. Josh Keyes Lifted

4. Aaron Horkey Plighting the Troth

5. Aaron Horkey Whale Bone Grove (Printers Proof Purple ed.)

6. Takashi Murakami Mr. DOB (Set of 2)

7. Todd Slater Great Warrior

8. Jim Pollock Phish Festival 8 (Set of 2 prints / Reg & 3D)

9. Mr. Brainwash MBW Liberty

As always, here's a link to my feedback. Like to think I can pack for the journey and do my best to get everything turned around ASAP: ... olf&view=5

Thanks again for taking a look! :cheers:

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