Posters for sale: Malleus and Tyler Stout

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Postby taxidriver on Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:40 pm

Complete list of what I've got here:
Posters are stored flat and handled with care. All like new! Price is worldwide shipping included.
If you're interested in more than one poster, total is a bit reduced counting shipping costs only once.
Thank you.

- Malleus - The Black Keys POSTER $170
Hand-made screenprinted gigposter
Designed and printed by Malleus (ITA) in 2011 for American heavy psych/ blues rock duo The Black Keys
1st Edition, run 157 copies, signed & numbered
PM me or buy on Ebay eBay 232623204303

- Tyler Stout - Pelican POSTER $120
Screenprinted gigposter
Designed by Tyler Stout (2009) for Pelican and Wolves In The Throne Room.
Gold variant edition, run 40 copies, signed & numbered
PM me or buy on Ebay eBay 232623203104

- Tyler Stout - The Warriors POSTER $260
Screenprinted movie poster
Designed by Tyler Stout (2009) for 1979 American action thriller film directed by Walter Hill.
Regular cut edition (2 posters), run 450 copies, signed & numbered
PM me or buy on Ebay eBay 232623201996

- Tyler Stout - Herja POSTER $75
Screenprinted art print
Designed by Tyler Stout (2011)
Red edition, run 465 copies, signed & numbered
PM me or buy on Ebay eBay 232623200776
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