eBay sales - Ferguson, Stout, Durieux, Jock, Whalen, Struzan

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Postby Packatrix on Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:46 pm

Stuck up some prints, Mondo, Bottleneck, Commission etc up on eBay - more to come tomorrow. The prices below are start prices in normal text and then Buy it Now prices in bold.

[ebay=302917479187]Tyler Stout - Fantastic Mr Fox REG £70|£99[/ebay]

[ebay=302917482044]Laurent Durieux - Alien REG £50|£70[/ebay]

[ebay=30291748539]Jock - Apocalypse Now REG £100|£140[/ebay]

[ebay=302917494130]Victo Ngai - Blade Runner Reg/Var set £100|£140[/ebay]

[ebay=302917500125]Tula Lotay - Blue Velvet £85|£120[/ebay]

[ebay=302917507188]Tom Whalen - Spinner (Blade Runner) £35|£50[/ebay]

[ebay=302917514179]Drew Struzan - Big Trouble in Little China VAR £140|£199[/ebay]

[ebay=302917521956]Chris Skinner - Back to the Future £70|£99[/ebay]

[ebay=302917524375]Stan and Vince - Captain America: The First Avenger £30|£45[/ebay]

[ebay=302917536355]Rob Jones - Charlie Brown: Battle Not With Monsters £25|£35[/ebay]

[ebay=302917549504]Martin Ansin - Escape From New York REG £60|£85[/ebay]

[ebay=302917556470]Ken Taylor - Escape From New York REG £30|£45[/ebay]

[ebay=302917566281]Victo Ngai - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind £75|£105[/ebay]

[ebay=302917576945]Tomer Hanuka - Fight Club VAR £50|£70[/ebay]

[ebay=302917591817]Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos - Ghost in the Shell REG/VAR set £40|£75[/ebay]

[ebay=302917607746]Matt Ferguson - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 £800 or best offer[/ebay]

[ebay=302917625325]Matt Ferguson - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Teaser Print £30|£42[/ebay]

[ebay=302917642673]Patrick Connan - How to Train Your Dragon £40|£60[/ebay]

[ebay=302917676001]Stacey Aoyama - Inside Out £50|£70[/ebay]

Most of these are listed as UK only, but I'll happily ship to non UK EB members with feedback. Also happy to do deal on multiples, or off ebay with EB members with feedback. Thanks for looking, more to come tomorrow. Any questions, please get in touch. Cash only on these though, unless there's a combo trade for a Stout Akira or Ansin Bride. :D
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